Jing is Good at Problem Setting

Leyang doesn't want Jing to set problems because he thinks Jing is baf. However, Jing thinks he is actually very good at setting problems. So, in order to prove Leyang wrong, he asked n people at WLMCI to rate his problem setting skills out of 10. However, since Jing is in fact baf at problem solving, he asks you to make a program to calculate his average rating. If the rating is strictly higher than 7, he can prove Leyang wrong!

Input Specification

On the first line, you will receive an integer \(n\), where \(1 \le n \le 2000\). On the next and final line, you will receive \(n\) integers \(x_i\), where \(0 \le x_i \le 10\), the rating out of 10 he was given.

Output Specification

Output on one line "good" if his average rating is strictly higher than 7, and "baf" otherwise.

Sample Input

7 7

Sample Output