Meth 4 Stealing Floorboards

Nicole ran out of kneecaps to steal, so instead she decided to steal floorboards.

In response, Paul's Uninstall Life Flooring Company came out with a new design for floorboards, called the NeckRope Triangle™

Now his triangles are all equilateral triangles and are arranged into a large equilateral triangle consisting of upright triangles and upside down triangles.

Every upside down triangle forms a Secure Triangle™.

Nicole will only steal floorboards that have less than K Secure Triangles (1<=K <= 10^6)

Input Specification

The first line will contain N, the side length of the large triangle where (4 <= N < 10^7)

The second line will contain K, the maximum number of Secure Triangles a floorboard can have for which Nicole steals floorboards

Output Specification

If Nicole steals the floorboards, print all your floorboards belong to us :3c:, otherwise print oh no too much floorboards uwu

Sample Input


Sample Output

all your floorboards belong to us :3c:

Sample I/O Explanation

There are in total 6 side-length-1 upside down triangles. But there is also a side-length-2 upside triangle so that makes 7 Secure Triangles™, which is less than 10 so the floorboards are stolen by Nicole.

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