Methods are used to alter the value of a data type (e.g. change the characters in a String) based on the parameters (the variable values) they are given. They take those parameters, process them, and either return a result or change the data structure it is associated with; they are basically input-output machines.

In Java, only methods can be characterized by a set of parentheses () at the end which can contain values or stay empty. Methods can also be "stringed" together, where a variable which has a method attached to it (like variable1.concat(variable2)) can have another method pieced at the end to further process it (like variable1.concat(variable2).length()), creating a chain of methods.

Your job is to find, given a string S, the number of methods that have been "stringed" together.

Input Specification

The input will consist of one line S, 5 ≤ |S| ≤ 500. There may be spaces in the line.

It is guaranteed that all of the line is made of only "stringed" methods.

Output Specification

The output will consist of one line consisting of one integer, the number of methods that make up S.

Sample Input

nextInt().concat("COVID-19 is a real epidemic").length()

Sample Output


Sample I/O Explanation

There are three "methods" to this line: nextInt(), concat("COVID-19 is a real epidemic"), and length(), hence the 3.

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